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The Surf Garage is a Portuguese organization, based in Lisbon, that provides access to surfing equipment and lifestyle.

Either through rentals, tours, or advisory we aim to elevate surfing to a higher level. A level where you are no longer limited to your mainstream and expensive board. 

Our goal is to create a circular economy with surfing equipment, allowing various surfers to enjoy the most diverse equipment in exchange for regular fees (i.e. a membership). With this mindset, we envision a world where you can basically ride any board anytime, without necessarily being a millionaire neither a pro surfer!

Our values

Our value creation focuses on creating a better lifestyle for ourselves and for the surfing community. It is all about being real. Act local, be global! Surf or die!

Our story

The Surf Garage was born in 2019 out of a few old boards that were forgotten inside a garage in Carcavelos. Surrounded by an intense academic environment, the owner of the boards started lending them to university friends in exchange for a small monthly installment. The business grew organically to what it is now. 

Why us?

We are fully committed in making life easier for you!

With a highly competitive offer, we have a wide variety of surfboards adaptable to everyone's needs (beginners, intermediates and advanced). On top of that we have a shared damage policy, meaning you will only be liable for 50% of any eventual damages and our flexible pickup/delivery system allows you to collect and deliver the equipment at various locations around town, at no extra cost, giving you the opportunity to choose the most convenient location.

Still have doubts? Ckeck our reviews! You can also check our tripadvisor account!


Ilaria, Free Rider Subscriber

Daniel, Free Rider Subscriber

Conor, Day Rental

I really recommend the free rider subscription! I really wanted to learn surfing when I arrived in Portugal but I didn't know which board to buy. Lisbon Surf Rentals was the perfect solution for me. Not only I got a board immediately but I also had advice on how to choose a board and keep progressing.

Lisbon Surf Rentals was amazing for me. It was a cheap and easy way to get into surfing.

Me and a friend just wanted to get a few hours in surfing whilst in Lisbon and this was the perfect service. The boards were hand selected for our ability and all in great condition. The best part of this services was Gonçalo, who provided us with the local surfing knowledge to ensure we kept safe throughout. Many thanks and I will be back!